A family and passions story

I come from a family of gastronomy and charcuterie professionals established since 1910.

Après un tour du monde sur les mers en tant que Chef de cuisine, ma passion pour la montagne m’a fait m’établir dans les Alpes Suisse. J’ai ouvert à Champex-Lac une fabrique de produits séchés et un hôtel-restaurant.

With a passion for sport, I rubbed shoulders with the world of elite sportsmen and women in particular, the Tour du Mont Blanc ultra-trail, the Patrouille des glaciers as well as other alpine and popular expeditions.

At the same time, I continued to cultivate my passion for the world of the sea, particularly with the skippers of the Vendée Globe Challenge (The non-stop, single-handed, round-the-world sailing race).

It was while talking to all these extraordinary athletes about their physical preparation methods, their nutrition and their needs during and after exercise that I came up with the idea of creating an optimal jerky.

It took 3 years of work, testing, refining and fine-tuning to completely reinvent the jerky recipe.

The result is a selection of the highest protein “Label Suisse Garantie” beef. It is trimmed, cut very, very finely to remove as much fat as possible, seasoned and then moulded/pressed into sticks.

It is then dried at Vionnaz in the Alps, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.

Proteins and Iron have been intensely studied in order to preserve them during the production and drying process.

The Swiss Jerky was born:

A protein concentrate (45%), low in fat and sugar!

Energetically yours,

Philippe Baratte

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