Nutritional values – Composition

Compositions :

Swiss Jerky “Original”: Top quality Swiss beef, spices, Alpine salt, organic Grand Saint Bernard herbs, Swiss honey, sodium nitrite E 250.

Swiss Jerky “Spicy”: 1st choice Swiss beef, “Chili” spices, salt from the Alps, organic herbs from Grand Saint Bernard, Swiss honey, sodium nitrite E 250.

Specific denomination: Beef product to be eaten cold.

We work with fresh products. This means that there are natural fluctuations in nutritional values. Those presented below are the average of several analyses carried out in approved laboratories (Eurofin and SQTS).

Average natural values per 100 g Swiss Jerky :

kJ 1085 – Kcal 257

Lipids : 6.85 g

Of which saturated fatty acids : 2,95 g

Total carbohydrates : 2,4 g

Of which sugar : 2,15 g

Dietary fibres : < 5 g

Proteins : 45 g

Salt : 3,3 g

Additives per 100 g :


Nitrate in the form NaNO3 : 16 mg

Nitrite in the form NaNO2 : 0,34 mg

Rubberising agent in the form of NaN03 : 16,42 mg

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